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As the trip planned for Mid January to the cabin in Clearfield County grew closer, weather reports for the entire state of Pennsylvania did not seem to favor our arrival. 

rt80eastbad2.jpg (3668 bytes)The prior week's weather was a mix of rain and sleet on top of the already fallen 8 inches of snow.  This mix created as it was described by a local contractor, who incidentally plowed the main driveway to the cabin with his backhoe, as a layer of ice so thick you can drive a car on it.  That was our first indication that things might be a little rough up there.  Our second clue was the Weather Channel's forcast for a wintery mix of sleet, freezing rain, snow in higher elevations and then a warming trend followed by an artic cold snap (run that through your weather model).  What that all added up to depended on where you were coming from. For Ron in North West PA that meant mostly snow.  For the rest of us coming from south east PA it was a mix of icy side roads and a passing lane covered in slush on the turnpike and I-80.  Due to these factors (as well as some pleasant surprises; congrads Mike)  about half of the people who wanted to go had to back out.  All that aside, it was a fun weekend.  Some of us got stuck, some of us stayed in the cabin and caught the Saturday Football games on a battery operated tv with a 5" screen.


I-80west.jpg (6950 bytes)

Here is Ron's Trip report online.  Check it out.


To the right is I-80 west.  Not too bad although we saw several rigs that slid off the road. Some were messed up pretty bad.

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