in the Pennsylvania Mountains

A 4x4 Trip to an Ice Glazed Mountain

Fourwheeling in the Pennsylvania Mountains

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Centralia PA



After an afternoon of 4 wheeling in the cold, damp weather, the group headed back to the cabin for a little R & R.  Roaming around the cabin area was interesting. The  ice was everywhere coating everything.  Check the pictures.  You kind of felt bad for all the plants.  When  you walk on the ferns and grass, it just snapped off. 

Soon it was time to head down to our favorite dinner spot at the Central Hotel in Curwensville, home of some of the best Delmonico steaks in the county.  Only problem was, the recent ice storm had taken out the power lines and while that wasn't a problem here down in the valley in Curwensville, it did cause a lot of damage up on the mountain.  The damage resulted in power line crews in the area to build up an appetite and someone apparently told them about the Delmonico steaks.  Well, the Central Hotel was simply out of Delmonicos.

Coming up to these mountains in the winter for a weekend of 4 wheeling is always interesting.  You never know what you'll find.  One year, you're 4 wheeling in the snow, the next year, it's ice, the next it's sunny and spring like. 


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Later on the gang sat around the fire singing winter tunes like this rendering of  "Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland" as they sipped on Yuengling Lagers.  Well, not really but this tune has been circulating the Internet and just seems appropriate.
Wheelin' Through a Winter Wonderland
(Sung to the tune "Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland")

Beads pop off, are you listenin'
Cold wind through - your ears is whistlin'
Your winch falls apart, your engine won't start
Wheelin' through a winter wonderland
Snow is deep, your butt is freezin'
Broke a birfield, it ain't pleasin'
You're starting to slide, on your wheels, then your side
Wheelin' through a winter wonderland
On the hillclimb we can barely make it
Traction's really nowhere to be found
Pull the cable, snatch the block and fake it.
Or claw along and put the hammer down!
Later on, we'll perspire
Drying gloves by the fire
Counting things that we broke, "That's Wheeling" we'll joke,
Wheeling through a winter wonderland...