in the Pennsylvania Mountains

A 4x4 Trip to an Ice Glazed Mountain

Fourwheeling in the Pennsylvania Mountains

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Centralia PA



Trail Date - January 10, 2005 - A Winter Wonderland.  That's how you might describe the last 4x4 trip up to the cabin in the PA mountains. As the guys made their was back to the cabin in their 4x4 vehicles, a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Toyota Tacoma, a Jeep Rubicon and a Chevy Rollback hauling a vintage 1965 Kaiser Jeep CJ-5, they encountered what was left of a localized heavy ice storm that blanketed the top of the mountain.  Over all the branched, trees, the underbrush, the trails themselves, over everything was a coat of clear ice about an inch or more thick.  This made it tricky to get up some of the hills and under the trees.  Someone had cleared a very minimal path already but not much.  Certainly not enough for the Rollback hauling the Jeep CJ-5, but then that didn't matter to Paul who plowed his way back and getting enough speed on the hills to get the diesel powered Chevy Rollback up over the hills.

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Snow is one thing, ice is another.  The guys had to be wondering if the trails would even be passable.  As it turned out, the localized ice storm was limited to the very top of the mountain, where the cabin was located.  The trails that they was heading towards were down into the valleys where ice did not coat everything.  But it did make for a very interesting winter sight and an interesting section of winter driving. 

The Trail back to the cabin was littered 
with damaged trees and hanging branches

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Mike's Toyota Tacoma with the Offroad package including an electric selectable rear locker and all terrain tires, makes his way over and under the ice coated broken and hanging trees on the trail back to the cabin.