in the Pennsylvania Mountains

A 4x4 Trip to an Ice Glazed Mountain

Fourwheeling in the Pennsylvania Mountains

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Safely Equipment Repairs

Once everyone arrived at the cabin and Stephen's place, the first order of business was to make a few repairs to Paul's 1965 Kaiser Jeep CJ-5.  Last trip, the drivers side seat belt mount had ripped out of the body where it mounts to the rear fender well.  The seatbelt was an older style lap belt and because safe equipment is important, especially when your manual brakes are marginal at best when wet, it was a good idea to repair the seatbelt mount.  The lap belt might have been a minimal safety harness but it was better than nothing.  Perhaps a 5 point Simpson Racing Harness would look cool but it would be serious over kill for this vintage Jeep. 

While Paul was busy fabricating and replacing his seatbelt mounting bracket, the rest of the gang was checking out the scenery out side.  Looks like there will be plenty of firewood come spring time.

Paul, fabricating a replacement seatbelt mount.

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