in the Pennsylvania Mountains

A 4x4 Trip to an Ice Glazed Mountain

Fourwheeling in the Pennsylvania Mountains

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Centralia PA



After necessary repairs, it was time to start exploring.  Trails up here evolve.  A severe rain storm can change a 4x4 trail in a very short time period as has happened with some of the trails in recent off road outing up here. Some of the commonly traveled trails are now serious trenches and with the icing the mountain had received in the past couple of days, these trails were detoured.  They hit some of the commonly visited spots along the ridge like a fun 4x4 spot we call The Pit and another place to pause at a clearing along an old logging trail we call The Tree Stand which amounts to a plateau that branches off to several other trails including a good 4x4 trails for Offroad vehicles including the Quads that run these trails.

Jeeps and Toyotas Playing in The Pit


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After a pause at the Tree Stand, the guys headed down into the valley.  Down a long steep trail and a hard left along the creek that runs the length of the valley floor.  With recent heavy rains up and down the east coast, the creek was high and running heavy.  Some of the tributaries were almost as high as what the creek was normally.  The trail they followed runs along the creek and as we found out before, it gets saturated with creek overflow and can make for some soft ground.  A few holes have been known to open up on a trail that would otherwise be thought of as solid ground.  One hole along this trail has swallowed a few 4x4s and blow an engine in recent years.