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Once again as many times before we pause the 4x4's at the Tree Stand, named after a long gone tree stand that once overlooked this large clearing perched up on the mountain side.
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Many times before we crossed at this narrow, fast flowing section of the stream.  This time it was pretty deep, almost too deep for the ATVs.  But that didn't stop this Quad from treading water as it started floating downstream.
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Stephen crossed, leaving the rest of the land lovers back on the other side as he and Mike headed down to town for Dinner.   With this gang, the Delmonico steaks will probably run out as they later did.  Stephen wasn't going to be last in line.
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Saturday Night.  Back at the cabin.  Card games, camp fire, DVDs, beers, and loading up the 4x4s for the ride home Sunday morning.   As the camp fire roared, and the guys bullshitted we looked back on a great weekend, one to be remembered.  For a lot of guys, the night wasn't over.  They had earlier loaded up the Paddy Wagon (rented van), and headed down into town for some evening fun.  Someone said, what happens up here, stays up here.  Nuff said on that I recon.
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Saturday Night
Who know what went on with this gang of nuts.  Only a few pictures were taken and no one's talking.  In the paddy wagon Joe apparently wasn't aware that someone was giving him some war paint on his face with a black Sharpie.


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Home again.  Until next year.

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This is a record for catching the 4 wheeling bug.  A mere 2 days after the cabin trip Lewis pick up this Jeep YJ for $6,300.  It has a 4" lift with 33 inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO All Terrain tires mounted on a set of American Racing AR-136 alloy wheels.  It has front and rear lockers as well as a hard and soft top, automatic transmission and a Chevy 350 V-8.



But Wait!  There's more bonus Winter trip pictures dug up from an earlier trip to the cabin. 

Click Next to check out some more Winter
Fun at the Cabin.

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