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From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped.  An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.



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Here's a few shots of the Quads having fun on the trails.

Jeff's ATV of choice is a 2005 Suzuki KingQuad. 700cc, fuel injected,4wd, Constant Velocity Trans, with independent rear suspension.   Not sure about the other three but they cover a lot of ground during the weekend.

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Up here, this is common.  A tree downed across the trail.  I decided to leave the old Stihl chainsaw at home since it needs a few parts and instead I brought a new Polan "Wild Thing" that's still working on breaking in the new, tight motor.  As I started cutting, the chainsaw chain popped off, so we needed to re-seat the chain and make a few adjustments.   No problem.
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The Flapjack Inn is Gone
Say it isn't so. The Flapjack burned to the ground sometime recently.  Below is an old photo of the Flapjack Inn cabin out here in the state forest.  Now all that remains is a charred tree and a pile of rubble.  Too bad.  It was a nice landmark.
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This is a very old natural water spring that had been enclosed in a rock base.  The city guys were getting a taste of real water.   Below we found a bed of corn, probably used as deer bait.  Now they should know that's illegal.
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To the right is the remains of an old stone cabin.

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Offroad again, continuing along the trails.  

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