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We drove out 4x4 Jeeps, Toyotas and the Quads up around to the top of pipeline where we admired the view over the valley.  The far side of the valley had a great view of all the trails running through the wooded mountain side.
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We decided to follow the pipe line out to the main road and up about a 1/2 mile to the access road leading back to the cabin.  Back at the cabin we planned to meet up with the rest of the gang who by now should be back there, having spent the night out at the local clubs and having a few and probably slept in a bit. 100_6580.jpg (48139 bytes) 100_6581.jpg (38510 bytes)
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Heading back towards the cabin. 100_6585.jpg (21748 bytes) 100_6588.JPG (43127 bytes)




Saturday Early Afternoon

Party at the cabin!  Everyone converged at the cabin around noon and with a camp fire roaring, some brews on tap and lots of fun and laughs going on, we hung out a while.  This was by far more people at the cabin at one time than ever before.  28 total.

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Joe decided to offer "Chill" a ride on his Quad.  Chill, as we called him for years, goes for a "short" spin on Joe's Quad only to quickly get it hung up on a stump.
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Chill hung up on the stump.

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And the Cabin Party continued...

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All right, enough of that.  Time to saddle up for another trail run.  Gather the gang, find a seat, shut up and hang on.
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