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Saturday Morning
We gathered for the trek down into town for breakfast before the first trail run out.  This time some of us decided to head back to our old favorite, Arby's with an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for about 4 bucks.  Love that bacon!  Another group headed down to Perkins.
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After Breakfast we gathered back at the cabin and headed out on our first trail run of the day.  To the Pit for some 4 wheeling up and down the steep walls of this fun spot.  Then onto the surrounding trails.  The light coating of snow make the trails a ton of fun to off-road over.  About a month or two ago, the snow was about 14 inches deep but recent warm weather and rain melted most of it.  Temperatures hovered around 25-30 degrees f making the overcast day comfortable.  Occasional snow showers gave the winter trip a nice touch.

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Our small group of 4x4 vehicles included a Toyota Land Cruiser, 2 Jeep YJs, a Jeep CJ-7, a Jeep Rubicon and a Nissan XTerra.

The Quads included Jeff's 2005 Suzuki KingQuad, and 3 other ATVs that kicked butt all weekend.

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We ran the mountain top trails for a while, then headed down into the valley towards the stream.
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Awesome winter view over looking the valley with the Jeep.
When we got down to the stream crossing, we found that the stream was diverted somewhere upstream creating a whole new stream route through the valley.  We looked upstream but never found where the diversion originated.
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We sat here for a while waiting for one of the gang to catch up after a run back to the cabin.  The quads were ripping around having fun.

Finally we headed across and up the valley wall, up and over the hillside, down to the base of the pipeline where the trails were wide and fun.

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