Around the Fire

Some of the fun up here happens right in this spot.   At the campfire.  With a nice roaring fire, warmed up logs for sitting and a 1/4 keg, several cases and some talk of some home brew,  it's hard not to have fun with a group like this. Better than half of the people here work for Maguire Products and know each other all to well. So grab a beer, pull up a warm log and have a laugh or two.  It doesn't get any better than this.
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This year's cast of characters  with their vehicles included:
  • Steve M.
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Stephen M.
    86 Toyota 4Runner
  • Joe K.
  • Joe V.
  • Joe S.
  • Bob C.
  • Eric M.
  • Mike
    97' Toyota Tacoma
  • Chuck C.
  • Rick M.
    95 Jeep YJ
  • Ron H.
    86 Suzuki Samurai SJ-413
  • Doug W.
    97 Chevy Tahoe
  • Carl F.
  • Dolph D.
  • Mark O.
  • Jeff O.
    98 GMC Pickup
  • Chris M.
  • Ralph H.
    92 Toyota Pickup
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   The "Brewmaster"



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Imagine music...