First run out...

Our first relatively short trail ride out Saturday morning took us down the south side of the valley and to what we call the tree stand staging area where we took a few pictures.  We then took a side trail that had only been scouted on by a motocycle years ago that took a steep shot up the hill before it ended abruptly.   As before, it ended.  The uphill climb was blocked by a few downed trees so we left it for another day.  The rest of the group was to arrive soon so we then headed back.

big-sky-blue.jpg (17173 bytes)

Winter's skys in the mountains can be quite blue.

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Nice Rainbow effect...


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trail1c.jpg (27301 bytes)

The rear wheel is about a foot off the ground in these shots.




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toy-bank2.jpg (15331 bytes)

Imagine music...