Crossing the Creek

This year the river seems a little higher then usual.  With higher water caution is the best approach.  We've been this way before and know what the depth of the creek is but as the following pictures show it's better to take it slower rather then speed though the river.
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AVI of Ron's Samari Crossing (686K)
Short Version (159K)





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In these pictures of Stephen crossing the creek his intake took in a little water.  He was able to get it to shore where it stalled out.  He was then able to restart and get it ashore.  Later he discovered a mouse nest in the intake all the way up the tube and under the air filter!  This explained his constant stalling and lack of power all weekend.  The 4 Runner is in storage when not offroad and the mice had plenty of time to prepare for winter.

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Gasping for air...
Cough it up...
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AVI of Doug Crossing the Creek (411K)

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AVI of a GMC Pickup Crossing (616K)

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