Mud Holes

The following are pictures from a couple of mud holes we encountered on the trails.  With the ground frozen just below the surface there was little need for concern about the usual deep mud is these holes.

mud-cross.jpg (14067 bytes)


mud-tacomaa2.jpg (9702 bytes)
rip-thru.jpg (22890 bytes)


jump-back.jpg (16464 bytes)

The reason the camera shot above is blurred is because Stephen jumped back as it happened.  He was pretty close to the action.   This AVI file better shows why he jumped. AVI (294K)

mikes-tacoma.jpg (34930 bytes)


blue-streak-muddin.jpg (21152 bytes)
mud-tacomaa.jpg (12278 bytes)


group1.jpg (20001 bytes)
ron-m2.jpg (21834 bytes)


pre-cross-r2.jpg (44760 bytes)


pre-cross-r3.jpg (44737 bytes)



a-dip1.jpg (38526 bytes)


a-dip2.jpg (23488 bytes)


ron-a-dippin.jpg (40280 bytes)


mud-dip.jpg (11112 bytes)
mud-dip2.jpg (10588 bytes)
mud-dip3.jpg (10949 bytes)
rick-trench.jpg (10200 bytes)
ron-md.jpg (11802 bytes)
ron-sm32.jpg (11311 bytes)
ron-atm.jpg (10177 bytes)
trench-1a.jpg (9918 bytes)


alt-route.jpg (34355 bytes)


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