Clearfield County
January 2000 - The Y2K Trip

The View of the MountainOnce again, our winter trip to the cabin was a blast.  This year, unlike January of 99, the weather was great.  With great sunny skies and temperatures just above freezing   the ground remained frozen just below the surface while the top inch or so thawed giving just the right amount of mud flinging to aquire the much desired "trophy mud".   Some of us hoped for a little snow although there was barely a dusting this year.  We had a great group of people who made for a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon of offroading, exploring and general fun around the camp fire.  The cast of characters included 18 friends and 9 vehicles including 3 full size stock 4x4's.


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Airing down



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And a kitchen that any house wife would love...yeah right..


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Friday night arrivals

Imagine music...