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RR Tracks are not the best thing to have brush against your tire's sidewall.  Sharp metal bolts and burrs coming off the rails can easily put a quick slash in your sidewall.  We were not without incident.  One of the vehicles suffered a slash that didn't flatten the tire but made it unwise to use it on the highway.  There was talk of upgrading the tires anyway.

As we neared the crossover that would take us down to the creek, we had to hop up onto the upper trail to get a good line on crossing the tracks and the creek.  It looks like Chris chose the wrong place to climb the embankment up to the upper trail.  Turned out that this was a spot where water drained down from the upper trail and it was very soft.  This required Chris to be pulled either up or down since he was stuck either way.  We were heading up so up it was.

Cross tracks is not always as easy as it looks.  Curt in his Geo Tracker dug himself a hole in the right front which lifted the rear tire nice and high.
This trip we decided to combine two trail runs into one long trail run.  Usually we would decide whether to take one trail or the other as we descended into the valley.  This time we used the tracks to connect the two trails and take the other back in the reverse direction.  This require a second water crossing. 

Only one problem with this decision to combine the trail runs.  Recently bought land happened to cross the trail and the new owners apparently didn't want this old logging trail to be traveled on any longer.  A steel gate and a downed tree blocked the way.  The trail, for the most part, is on state land however a small portion of this trail runs though a corner of the recently sold land.  We decided to turn around which was not all that easy on this narrow trail.  Either we will not travel down this trail again or we'll scout out a way around this corner of the property and retain one of the interesting trails in this area.  But that's a future project.  For now we headed back towards the tracks and planned to hit a local steak house for a well earned meal.





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