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After getting though the low creek side mud we continued past our newly found section of trail as we connected back to the original old logging trail.  We then regrouped at track side.

This section of trail is probably even older than what we generally travel on.  The fact that it is off the beaten path means it most likely hasn't been travel on for a long time.

We stopped for a group shot and the wait for Steve who arrived later and was coming up the trail to catch up with us.  This section of trail is actually an old railroad track bed running along another ridge and would have met up with the abandon track we just left.  From here our trail leads up and around the mountain and offers some of the more challenging older logging trails in this section of the woods.

This Jeep is what you might call a Sleeper.  Look pretty much like a stock YJ.  However it does have a mild 2 1/2 inch lift and ARB air lockers front and rear.  When asked how well the Jeep performs compared to the last time up here without a lift of lockers, comments from the driver of this YJ, Steve Maguire owner of Maguire Products Inc, were that performance increases were like night and day.

Ouch.  The truck didn't quite clear that one.  Ron's S-10 was hung up by it's axle and drive shaft on a larger rock in the trail.  It was small enough to move so we lifted some of the weight off the truck by hand and pulled the rock out with a tow strap.

This section of old trail is riddled with hidden rocks that you have to be aware of.  Some sections are narrow and require a spotter to keep an eye under the vehicle and direct the driver though.

After ascending a long hillclimb we make this sharp left that is very loose rock and steep enough to require some throttle.  Locked vehicles do well.  Lately a few unlocked 4x4s have made it with good tires and balanced suspension systems.  

Carl's TJ, equipped with 33"Super Swampers had no problem even with an open rear.






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