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During our Friday evening run we came across one of the local residents making his way down the trail.  We followed this little fellow at a safe distance and snapped a few pictures before continuing on. 

As we made our way down the trail towards our dinner spot it was raining pretty good by then.  Sun was going down and we were hungry so we called it a day.

Arby's was our Saturday morning meeting spot where we met up with Carl, Chris and Curt.  This is a great place to meet for it's location and the All-You-Can-Eat breakfast buffet.  Chow down now... next stop for food is dinnertime.


Too bad I couldn't get a shot off of Al taking a dip in the deep end (I was too busy pointing towards the shallow end).  As we cross the creek here you have to stay closer to the right side of the creek as opposed to where Carl is over there because of a 6 foot plus swimming hole.  Al ,already on shore in the Tacoma, either didn't hear the warning over the CB or needed to wash the hood off came dangerously close to swamping his truck.  He kept it moving though and didn't suck down any water.

Filth Pig II





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