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Unlike previous runs up this mountain we don't meet the trail's end at the top anymore.  Instead of making our way out of the valley via following the edge of a field to a local road, we instead make a u-turn and do Corkscrew in reverse.  This was our first time taking this trail down and it was an interesting perspective.  The tight corner after coming down the first steep hill is an interesting one with the unforgiving drop off if you lose traction and don't make the corner.  Nothing like that happened but it was fun doing this trail in reverse.

Open Wide and say ahhh...

Now here's a demonstration of what a TJ can do with a Rubicon Express lift.  This is the closest thing out here that resembles an RTI ramp.  Carl ran up this log and my guess is he would have ramped in the 900's maybe close to 1000 as he stuffed the drivers side front wheel while keeping the passenger's on the ground.

We emerged back at the tracks where we followed trackside for a while.  We planned to meet up with another trail and cross back over the creek further down. 





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