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Wheeling in the Mud
Weekend of Damage and Recovery
We dropped Stephen off at his place and then cruised through the field, over to the cabin.  We discovered a pile of bone that looks to have been a very young buck.  We grabbed a few pieces of bone including the skull.  That'll go good on the mantel.  If you didn't know it was Bambi,  you might think it looked down right evil.
It was around this time we discovered the winch wiring problem.  I think it was the sparks that popped out of no where that gave it away.  Steve looked things over and that's when they realized that whomever installed the winch didn't know that red meant positive and black meant ground.  We won't mention that the installer was Quist.
Andy's quad suffered only minor damage from the triple rollover with some bent parts like the cargo rack and the handle bars.
We hung out for a little while and geared up for a little evening football playoff game.  We could hear those steaks sizzling at the Central Hotel.  Soon we headed out for some grub.  While at the Central Hotel, we bumped into a good friend Dick Zapski who does a lot of work on the cabin and barn up here.  In fact it was Dick who recommended the Steaks here at the hotel.  Good call Dick.
Before game-time we were back.  The pre-game had been underway and a game of poker was brewing in the kitchen.  Snacks and beer  were in abundance and a few stacks of old 4x4 magazines were being passed around.  Meanwhile Lewis was outside grinding off the ears of the broken axle.




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