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Wheeling in the Muck
Weekend of Damage and Recovery
A walk in the woods

While the winching proceeded back at the hill with the help of several good hands, a few of us took the opportunity to explore the local hillside on foot.  With a lack of snow cover and temperatures around 50 degrees, we took in some beautiful scenery.  Brilliant green moss covered a lot of the rocks and boulders while many fallen trees and old stumps were covered with a different variation of moss.  The forest floor was covered in this past fall's canopy of leaves and with little underbrush, you could look deep into the forest.  The occasional Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel bush dotted the hillside.  Down by the stream,  few evergreen trees lined the shoreline and hung out over the water with a dark under-canopy. Quite a scene.  It's not often that a few quiet moments can be enjoyed.  It certainly won't be the last time I pause for a therapeutic walk in the woods.






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