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 Project CJ-7

Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock
Crawling Machine.


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Views: 405484

well i have one tire that won't balance now, and i get a bit of wobble at certain speeds. that is ok though because i have finally put these things to the test. at my hunting area, they pulled me around in 2wd where i normally would have had to use 4wd. i wasn't throwing rooster tails either. i was just keeping a steady moderate rmp and the tires would clean and pull me forward. no others have been able to do that in there. also, there is a boat launch that is nothing more than a muddy hill going into the river backwater that i launch my duck boat from. i went in and out of there in 4 with out spinning a tire! i have never done that before on that ramp nor have i ever seen that before right there.
Product Details: "Federal Couragia M/T Tires" by Editor - posted: Tue November 25, 2008 - Rating: ***** 5.09


Views: 303140

the worst tires i have ever owned. they might be good if where you ride it never rains or you don't ever have to cross any downed tree limbs or logs, or ruts, or just about anything. just never leave the hard packed trail with these or you will get stuck or have to spin then excessively. they are a total waste of money for a bike that is used for hunting!

Rating: 1
Product Details: "ITP Mud Lite ATV / Quad Tire" by Editor - posted: Mon August 13, 2007 - Rating: ******* 6.51


Views: 195980

i have been running these tires sense they came out. they still are better than 90% everything else out there as far as a mud oriented all terrain tire goes. they keep me coming back to them. they beet the tar out of mudlites that is for sure. they last long, ride great, and have great traction in all types of riding. i have used them all the way from louisiana to colorado. they have always performed flawlessly.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Interco Super Swamper ATV Tire" by Editor - posted: Sat December 6, 2008 - Rating: ******* 6.75


Views: 753020

these where the best darn tires i ever owned. they would climb muddy levees with ease, increasable in the mud, and lasted over 60.000 miles on my yota! it makes me sick that they don't make them in my size anymore.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "Goodyear Wrangler MTR" by Editor - posted: Thu January 25, 2007 - Rating: ******* 7.05


Views: 405484

vehicle - 1998 tacoma sr5 trd, 31x10.5r15

i can't give them a 9 or 10 yet because i haven't seen how long they will last. i only have a couple thousand miles on them. what i have found so far it that they ride a tad bumpier than others mt's i have had, they are surprisingly quite, wet pavement traction due to the sipes is great(saved me from wrecking the other day!), what else. they climb like a squirrel, they self clean very very well, stick to gravel roads with excellence, and do darn good in the mud. they will be up there in my book with the old goodyear mt(best tire i ever owned) if they last as long. they are better than the mastercraft coursers i had on my truck previously.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Federal Couragia M/T Tires" by Editor - posted: Tue November 25, 2008 - Rating: ***** 5.09

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