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Making Memories in Leatherwood
When you know its time...
Thinking back to my earliest memories, certain strong memories really stand out in my mind.  Those recollections were days and events mostly with friends and family that were out of the ordinary.  Trips to special places, going to see friends and relatives that we didn't see often, a special day with dad, going to interesting places, and sometimes just having a good time.  Some of those memories were simple ones like BB gun target shooting along the banks of the Schuylkill River with my father.  Some were not so good like the day after Hurricane Agnes ripped through my home town in 1972.  My father and I walked down the street to see effects of the massive amount of rainfall on the lower end of town that was now a huge lake as tractor trailer tankers floated by.  Thank God our house suffer only minor damage.  Today I realize that those memories are special.  My wife and I have understood this and have always tried to make an effort to build good memories and create traditions that will be remembered by our children.   This trail ride and trail report is about just that.  This was my son's first weekend long offroad trip up into the mountains with dad.

The weekend started with a 5 hour trek across the state up into the Appalachian Mountains.  Equipped with enough DVDs to keep him entertained for most of the trip, there was still the periodical question asking how much longer until we get there.  We were sure to make enough stops along the way.  At 5 years old, he was no stranger to 4x4's or offroad related things.  Aside from what dad exposed him to with the Jeep Build, he has had a huge interest in Monster Trucks since he could sit up on his own and has enjoyed driving his battery powered Jeeps and FJ-40 for several years now.  But this would be more than a few hours at a Jeep show or going to a Monster Jam, this would be a few days of 4 wheeling on rough mountain trails, enough to wear out an adult let alone a 5 year old.  He'll either love it or be tired soon enough to start complaining before the fun was over.





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