Bilgers Rocks

Bilger's Rocks is a geological phenomenon of massive sandstone formations secretly nessled in the mountains of Central PA. Called "rock city" by geologists, this ancient rock formation covers some 20 acres and has been preserved as a public park.  Some of these giant sandstone formations tower 30-50 feet and weigh hundreds of tons.  Visitors can wander around, through, over and under these massive boulders and imagine a different place in time.  While you can't rock crawl over these rocks in your 4x4 it is a very interesting place to visit.

4 mi. N of Grampian PA.

Bilgers Rocks
P.O. Box 133
Grampian, PA 16838

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More on the History and preservation of Bilger's Rocks

360 Degree view at Bilgers Rocks

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Exploring the Rocks of Bilgers Rocks can be exciting and fun for the whole family.  Spend the day at the park, have a picnic and possibly even camp out for a while. 




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Bilger's Rocks


Above is a map to Bilger's Rocks as well as GPS coordinates.


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