Clearfield County
Fall 1999


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This spot seems to have been a popular party spot.  Probably once used as a staging area for a mining operation it is now a great spot to rest after a long day on the trail.  I can imagine this would be a great spot to be during a very clear night with no moon.  The number of stars that can be seen on a clear night up here on the mountain is unbelievable.  Saturday night at the cabin we used a decent sized telescope to do a little star and planet gazing.  We looked at the planet Venus and then we were lucky enough to find Saturn in the sky. Seeing the rings of Saturn was amazing.  Tracking it as the Earth rotated was a challenge.

Above is a Virtual picture of the plateau above the trail we were following.   This 360 degree view of this area requires a Java enabled browser.  To move the view use your mouse to drag the image or place the cursor over the pic and use the (up-down, left-right) arrows to move around.


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