Clearfield County
Fall 1999

With all the recent rain this seemingly innocent mud hole only deepened underneath.  Having installed a locker in the rear I didn't take into account the sideways slide a locked spinning rear would have on my line of approach.  Simply put, I slide into the a deep rut.  For the next hour or so we extracted the truck.   It would have taken much less time but we just couldn't resist snapping a load of pictures and video.

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arrowl.gif (3202 bytes)This was a mistake.  While opening the door in order to try to access my recovery equipment through the cap's window, I saw in a flash something drop into the foot and half deep muck.  I grabbed the cord and pulled out the charger for my camcorder only to see my Cherokee 40 channel slip out the door and into the deep.  Up to my elbow in muck I pulled out a dripping handheld CB.  Later I disassembled both, dried them out and they worked fine.



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  Rocks under the wheel for some bite.

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31 inch tires almost buried in thick mud.

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