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Back onto the railway.  We're now heading westward on the old tracks.  We've never seen this section of the valley before and its very interesting.  We came a place where the GPS said the tracks split in two but we only saw evidence of one set of tracks heading northwest.  The westward section of tracks appear to have been covered up by some sort of recent excavation.  W crawled up on a man-made hill onto a large clearing that may be the base camp where the old rails and railroad ties were loaded up and trucked out.  The guys on the quads did a little scouting around as were check out the scenery. 
Wheeling with Tammy

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This shack was actually a two-room an outhouse probably built for the workers who were removing the rails.

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Back to the cabin.  Time kill central until it was time to head out to dinner.  Eric had a bag of golf balls.  We all took turns giving them a whack into the woods.

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Eric and Paul put on a juggling show for us.

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This is Jim Null, owner of the Central Hotel in Curwensville.  Hey Jim, thanks for the "on the house" Pepper/Cheese things you brought out for us.

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Dinner, then a few games of pool before heading back to camp.  It was Saturday night and we were going to be packing up in the morning.  We were all a little beat.  Not as tired as Koichi though I suspect.

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It was a chilly, damp night.  The clouds were low and the air was misty.  A campfire was started as we hung out for the evening drinking a few beers, throwing firecrackers into the fire.  I was experimenting with the digital camera's timed exposure to get some interesting shots of the camp fire.
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Another fall trip in the bag.  New trails and old friends made for another fun, unique weekend up here in cabin country.  We're already planning our next trip, actually the next two trips are being discussed.  A winter bash followed up by the spring trip where we hope to re-discover a hidden natural formation of sandstone overlooking the valley.  The sister formation of Bilgers Rocks

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Yep... Sleeping again, somewhere around Harrisburg on Rt. 322.




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