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Wheeling with Tammy

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Menus? We don't need no stinkin' menus.  Delmonico, medium well with mushrooms, mashed tators with gravy, salad, thousand island dressing, cherry coke and get that basket of warm bread out here ASAP.

As we waited for the food and sipped out skunked Yuengling draft beers, we amused ourselves by trying to guess what the waitresses name was.  Anna? Bertha? Mary? Betty? We all had a few names in mind and then I asked her.  Dee.  It was then that I made the connection.  This was the owners wife.  Dee Null.  Jim and Dee Null.  No wonder she's been here as long as we can remember.  Now don't we feel silly.  The food was out so we chowed down.

100_5133.jpg (38447 bytes)

Later on, back at the cabin, the batteries on my laptop lasted just long enough to watch the entire DVD of the 2004 Tough Truck Challenge.  Meanwhile Jeff, Chad and Andy were out on a night run thought the woods on their Quads.


Saturday morning.   We used to hit Arbys All-You-Can-Eat buffet until that got old.  Now we head down to the Perkins in Dubois to order up some prime breakfast fixins. As we ate, we were a little puzzled by that sign next door that read: "3 Free Shrimp With Any & More Meals".


any-and-more-meals.jpg (42762 bytes)
100_5137.jpg (43110 bytes) 100_5138.jpg (36940 bytes)

Ok, back to the cabin.  Time to saddle up for the day.

100_5139.jpg (35044 bytes)
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100_5144.jpg (28330 bytes)

100_5143.jpg (23408 bytes)

First we headed over to Stephens place to check out his new sleeping quarters.  We all loved the new paneling.  Kind of a retro hunting cabin look.

Finally, were on the trails.  This is what we came up here for.

100_5146.jpg (25279 bytes)
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100_5161.jpg (44502 bytes) 100_5162.jpg (43508 bytes) 100_5163.jpg (44714 bytes)

Jeff, Chad and Andy were having a blast on their Quads.  Jeff's ATV of choice is a 2005 Suzuki KingQuad. 700cc, fuel injected,4wd, Constant Velocity Trans, with independent rear suspension.  Chad has a 2005 Yamaha YFZ450, 450cc, 2wd,manual transmission, no reverse, single carburetor.  Andy tooled around in his 2005 Yamaha Kodiak 450, 450cc 4wd, cvt, single carburetor, with independent rear suspension.

100_5164.jpg (40845 bytes) 100_5165.jpg (45524 bytes) 100_5166.jpg (55534 bytes)
100_5167.jpg (36321 bytes) 100_5168.jpg (26492 bytes) 100_5169.jpg (30694 bytes)
100_5170.jpg (28937 bytes) 100_5171.jpg (37310 bytes) 100_5172.jpg (30793 bytes)

Over to the Pit, then to the Tree Stand.  A brief pause to discuss our destination and then down into the valley.

100_5176.jpg (55613 bytes)
100_5174.jpg (37403 bytes) 100_5175.jpg (44844 bytes)
100_5177.jpg (44369 bytes) 100_5178.jpg (36972 bytes) 100_5179.jpg (39871 bytes)
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100_5183.jpg (36395 bytes) 100_5183b.jpg (32722 bytes) 100_5184.jpg (33285 bytes)
100_5185.jpg (90575 bytes)

The guys on the Quads wanted to get muddy on a sloppy hill climb next to the Tree Stand.

100_5187.jpg (51774 bytes)
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