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Wheeling with Tammy

Our destination or at least the trail of choice this morning was to head down to the old railroad tracks that had been recently cleared of their rails.  Stephen, on a solo trip, had recently been down the old tracks as far as he wanted to go by himself.  He saw plenty of interesting side trails that were worth checking out so that's where we were heading.  Down a long, slick trail to the creek, then a water crossing.  Out the other side, up a short hill and bam.  We were traveling down what used to be an old railway.  A Toyota Land Cruiser, a Jeep YJ, 2 Jeep TJs, on a Jeep Rubicon, the other a Sahara Edition of the TJ, followed up by 3 Quads.


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As we ripped down the old trackless railway, I was admiring the scenery as a passenger today.  Many of the trees were at their peak of fall foliage color.  Deep reds, bright yellows and tones of gold and all shades in between.  We passed a few cabins and then came up to a side trail we had never seen before.  Down the side trail we went.  Though a few mud holes. 

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After we thrashed through some of the mud, we found a small clearing next to the creek.



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This secret clearing along the creek has probably been the destination for a few folks for many years.  A well maintained camp fire circle of rocks, an awesome swimming hole, and a small man-made dam to slow the water flow.  I'm sure many memories were made here.

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Back out onto the railway.  



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Down a little further and we found another small side trail.  We followed it on foot where we found an interesting old cable bridge.

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Down a little further another side trail where we found a hidden dam.  Just beyond the dam, a trail that crossed the shallow water and into the woods.  We'll follow that another day.


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