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I-80 Open in Columbia County after Crash

Friday, October 7, UPDATED: 6:02 p.m.
By Norm Jones

State police are blaming driver error for a traffic mess on Interstate 80 in Columbia County Friday.  Three tractor trailers hauling modular homes and two pick-up trucks collided between the Buckhorn and Lightstreet exits.  The eastbound lanes of the interstate were closed most of the day.  The last blocked lane opened just before 6 p.m.

One of homes being hauled came crashing to the ground after two rigs with wide loads smashed together on the rain soaked roads.  One of the pick-up trucks was buried in the home. Another went down an embankment.

Ernie Welch, a driver for Pinnacle Transportation, said his company truck was in the right lane going slower than usual because of heavy rain.  He blames the crash on the driver of one truck that was carrying a wide load.  He said the driver moved into the left lane and passed.  State police said that is illegal if you're carrying a wide load.

"We were just coming down here and the yellow house there was going slow, running slow.  We tried to pass him, the yellow house came over hit our white house, moved our white house into a jiggle. That's when all hell broke loose," said driver James Watts.  He was driving an escort car and saw the crash happen.  While he doesn't think a mistake was made, other truckers disagree.

"If they would have followed the rules, we wouldn't be here right now," said Welch.

A towing company had to bring out nearly every piece of equipment to clear away the wreckage on the highway.  By 1 p.m. they had one lane of the interstate open which allowed  more than 10 miles of backed up traffic to move slowly past the crash site.

State police said another wreck in the same area in the westbound lanes was also due to driver error.

They think the driver of a tractor trailer was rubbernecking, slammed on the brakes and jackknifed.  He wasn't badly hurt.

Troopers said another rig flipped in the eastbound lanes just a few miles away when a backlog of traffic braked quickly and caught a trucker off guard.

Only two men had minor injuries in all the wrecks.  One had a broken arm, another, a cut on the head.

State police said the crash involving the trucks with the modular homes is under investigation. They said they plan to file charges.





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