Dinner Time...  But we'll take the long way.  Our dinner destination was the same as it's been for a few years now.  The Central Hotel in Curwensville, PA., a few miles up the road... by way of the road.  We know these woods very well and decided as we have in the past to take the long way though the valley to kill a little time and have some fun before we have dinner.  With some daylight left we took a path we have been on many time before.  Then out of nowhere comes this mud hole.  Unknown to us, it seems the beaver dam had risen the water level to about the height of the banks and water had seeped into the trail.  Stephen was the first to discover this mud hole as the ground opened up and he and dropped into the mud pit.  Startled at first he then locked the diffs up and ripped out.  Carl knew it was there and dove in.  The mud had a lock on his Jeep and he needed assistance to get out.


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Somehow Stephen talked me into taking my truck into the mud pit.  Well, it wasn't hard to talk me into it.  It was too easy to go around it so why not.  The locker just paid for itself.  With plenty of throttle in reverse and 2nd gear, I extracted myself carrying enough mud to start my own farm.

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All summed up, it was another great winter trip.  Dinner at the Central Hotel was great as always.  We found new trails, local trails at that, and everyone had loads of fun.  We're looking forward to the spring trip and plans to expand on what we discovered.  This place never gets boring, it just keeps getting better.
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By the way, Stephen, 
your right brake light is out.