Care for a cold one?  Or two?  Never a shortage of beers on these winter trips.  After hanging out for a while a smaller group of us decided to check out this trail I had found earlier this morning that seemed to lead to the lower end of the property.  

We headed out and made our way to the open field which I had found earlier this morning.  For the field we started scouting out around the perimeter for the remnants of any older trails or potential trails that would lead us down to a lower trail that we could then take back to camp.  If we could scout out a route then we would have an excellent loop trail that would take us around the property.

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We pressed on though some pretty thick underbrush.  In some cases getting high centered on hidden rocks.  Stephen backtracked down to the lower trail accessible from the other direction in an attempt to give a visual of our destination.  Spotting him down below in the valley made it easier to scout out the direction we wanted.
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After getting though a thick area and around some downed trees we made it out.  Come spring-time we plan to do a little clearing of this very old logging trail and make it a permanent local trail for us to have fun on.  We also plan to scout out a trail to a huge rock we spotted on the trail that looks from a distance to be a great hangout spot.  

We made it back to camp to hang out a little while more until dinner at the Central Hotel.

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Steak and a beer. Not a bad afternoon snack.

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