Much of our exploration was on the well known trails.  This included one that crossed a creek.  With the lack of rain the water level was low.  Low enough for the quads to cross.

Keep those legs up...

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At this point on the trail it was either across an unpredictable mud hole that has in the past swallowed up a vehicle or two or attempt this log flume uphill trail.  Stephen made it up in his locked Toyota Land Cruiser but the quads weren't as lucky.  Jeff attempted it and ended up backing down.  Darrell got up to a higher point, too high to back down.  The only way to go was up.  With the help of Jeff they hauled the quad up by hand.  Jeff came down the easy way.  Since we weren't heading in that direction anyway, Darrell looped around and tip-toed though the mud hole which was frozen anyway. 

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Finally Stephen got a chance to use his winch on his own vehicle.  Slipping on some icy rocks just above a steel post, it made sense to winch out of the tight spot rather than slip into the post and do body damage.
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Yeah!  This trail is one of the best for fun in the mud.  Vehicles can take one of two lines down this trail, one that follows a pretty easily passable route or the other that runs parallel to it.  Here you're pressing though some pretty thick, slick, mushy slop that tends to steer for you sometimes.  Some of us have a blast ripping though this line which runs for about a half mile or more. 
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Back to Camp!  With a fire already crackling, we arrived back at camp to hang out a while.  Joey had brought his portable stove and was cooking up some steaks to hold us over until dinner.