Shamokin Pennsylvania November 14, 1999
Offroading in Bear Valley

That mud hole that seemed deceivingly harmless swallowed up Steve's Tacoma into some hidden ruts.  Without a locker to keep his momentum going the vehicle stopped and water entered the intake which is now located on the right (deep end) side of the engine bay.  Fortunately for Steve the water didn't enter the engine and only clogged his K&N air filter when he hit the mud like  a bulldozer effectively shutting down the engine.  It had to be pulled out without any power to assist itself because at the time it was uncertain if water had enter the engine.  Water did however enter in through the passenger side door, even though it had not been opened.   Thanks to the help of the red Tacoma pictured below Steve was pulled out, cleaned up and on his way with little more than a bent rim from hitting something in the mud hole.


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