Shamokin Pennsylvania November 14, 1999
Offroading in Bear Valley

Someone say Mud hole?  Many of the offroaders took turns in kind of a amusement park ride fashion going through the side-winding mudhole.  A large crowd of non-mudders gathered to watch this amusing attraction as riders would shoot through the mud and get back in line to do it again, and again. 


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Mud One (134K)
Mud Two (200K)
Mud Three (280K)
Mud Four (294K)
Mud Five (205K)
Mud Six (189K)
Mud Seven (193K)
The action came to a stop for a while when Steve, in his Toyota Tacoma decided to hit a mud hole he spied out of the corner of his eye that was uncharted.   I remember someone saying over the CB something about not going into mud holes until you check it out first.  Well...

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