Shamokin Pennsylvania November 14, 1999
Offroading in Centralia's Back Country

After making our way through an area full of broken beer bottles and dumped trash we left the areas of little interest and found what we came for.   Large tracks of hill climbs, mud and great views. Some of the braver souls attempted to climb a steep, rocky hill picture in the background of the first image below.   Anyone who had a locking rear differential whether stock or after market, had no problem assending the climb. Some who attempted the hill without a locker did make the climb if they implimented some agression and muscled thier way up but others were not so lucky.  Some had to be assisted either by a pull from above or a push back down as in one case of a rear differential getting hung up.


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Above several drivers took turns ripping through the BLACK mud.  Others who had visited this mud hole last trip decided not to do the same, having had the pleasure of trying to wash the coal black mud last time around.


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  AVI - All That Money (it's the audio...)
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AVI of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (163K)

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This Jeep Grand Cherokee Attempted to assend the hill and about 1/4 up it's rear differential became hung up on a large rock leaving it spinning in the dirt.  It took a few attempts at giving it traction and an attempt at pushing it backwards off the rock before leverage was used on the passenger side of the rear axle to lift it off the rock.   No damage to the pumpkin in this case.
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After several hours of exploring the Centralia area it was time for some lunch.   So we geared up and headed towards Shamokin, about 10 miles north on 61 stopping for lunch along the way.  The convoy of 23 4x4's, mainly Tacomas turned a few heads as we made our way though some of the small towns along the way.  Traffic light were a challege since most were never in the area before and didn't know where we were heading.   Stopping along narrow streets after lights had cut the group in half and thirds made for an interesting site for the small towns people.  This is where CB's make themselves worth the investment.

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