Downtown Centralia, PA
Offroading in the Anthracite Region


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Toyota Tacoma Offroader's AssociationFor this day trip on November 14th, 1999 to the Centralia & Shamokin areas we met in the center of Centralia Pennsylvania, just across the street from the main, and pretty much only, landmark in town called The Speed Shop.  23 vehicles consisting mostly of Toyota Tacoma's from T.T.O.R.A. (Toyota Tacoma Offroader's Association) gathered at the 10am meeting time.  Big thanks to Joe Sheldon for inviting any Offroaders from our group to join T.T.O.R.A and this excursion into the coal regions.  To check out the PA Chapter's web site for this day trip to the Centralia/Shamokin follow this link.

The group photo above was taken by Steve Liebl, a member of TTORA who snapped the one and only group picture of everyone.  Ironicly there are more people in this picture than those who currently live in the town of Centralia today.  At one time, over 1100 people lived here.  To learn more about what happened and is currently happening here in Centralia click here.

After the morning briefing and the usual picture taking we headed north towards the closed section of Rt. 61 to take a look at the damaged section of the highway.

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To the left is a full bred Pitbull Terrier who loves to 4 wheel that came along for the ride.  Above was the first sign of any damage, even before hitting the trail.   Seems that quad's bumper was just a bit too high for the truck's rear window.  

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