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Review of the Zern's Farmers Market and Flea Market - A Pennsylvania Dutch Treat!

Zerns Farmers Market

Located in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, Zern's Farmers Market is one of the oldest and largest old-time farmers markets in the country.  With a very distinctive Pennsylvania Dutch flavor, the market has been in existence since it's humble start in 1922 by William Zern and today has over 400 merchants selling an incredibly diverse selection of merchandise.  At Zerns you'll find everything from fresh produce, meats and Dutch treats to cars, antiques, household goods, clothing, books, cameras, tools, pet supplies, jewelry, collectables, toys... you name it, you might find it there.  Zerns has several auctions including the 37+ year "Rick's Household & Antiques Auction" selling household goods, collectables and antiques as well as plant auctions like Franks Nursery Auction selling Trees, Shrubbery, Perennials, Annual and Hanging Baskets.  Friday night you'll find a car auction in the southern wing of the market.  Located in the covered flea market is a Bid Board Auction auctioning off antiques & collectibles.

The market, or "The Sale" as many locals call it, is laid out in several sections.  There is the Main Market that is comprised of over 300 hundred merchants within 4 wings running out north, south, east and west from the center of the market.  Each wing has 2 parallel isles with merchants on both sides of each isle.  Outside of the main market is the covered flea market that is home to over 100 flea market stands.  Between the main market and the covered flea market is the outdoor midway, which is very active in the warmer months. 

People come from near and far, some from other states, some from other countries to visit and shop at Zerns the "World's Largest Dutch Treat" which was once voted "BEST OF PHILLY" by Philadelphia Magazine.  The market is open Fridays 2 pm to 10 pm & Saturdays 11 am to 10 pm with extended days during holidays.  Zerns is located about 40 miles west of Philadelphia Pennsylvania on Route 73, 1/2 mile east of the Route 73 / Route 100 intersection.  For information call them at 610-367-2461or visit their website: www.zerns.com.  There is plenty of free parking and buses are welcome!

Celebrating Its 85th Anniversary 1922-2007!




Celebrating Its
85th Anniversary


Zern's Memories
Do you remember these Zerns Memories?

  • Ice Cold Pineapple-Orange Drink Ten Cents.
  • Jake's Hobby Shop and the 15 foot long, 6-lane HO scale Race Track.  50 cents for 15 minutes.  Jake's Hobby Shop was located at the top right corner of the north wing.
  • The Animal Auction.
  • The Saturday Morning "Garage Sale Out of your Car" auction.  This all Saturday morning auction was followed later by the Animal Auction which lasted through into the evening.
  • Ed and his Beer Sign Stand under the Covered Flea Market.  Ed's neon signs lit up the covered flea market like a Christmas tree.
  • The Record Stand in the center of the market and their large selections of LP records and 45 record singles.
  • The Shooting Gallery located out on the Midway where you would shoot the star out of the center of the paper target with a compressed air BB rifle to win a prize.
  • Jimmy and Rose who tended the spotless men's and ladies room.  They were always there to greet you with a smile.
  • The large game room that was jam packed with classic pinball machines and the best games around.  If you needed change, you would go hunt down "Pops" who took care of the machines and made change.
  • The Joke store located at exit 2.  Nothing like a woopie cushion or garlic gun to brighten your day.
  • Jerry the Ginsu Knife salesman.  The kids would always try to get up near the front to maybe get a sip of the fresh squeezed orange juice.
  • Cotton candy and candy apples and 25 cent snow cones.
  • The Lite Bite restaurant and their Chili Dogs.
  • The Penny Candy Store at the far end of the west wing.  You could fill a little bag with all your favorites for a quarter.
  • Rose Zerby and the Smoke Shop.
  • Sammy who sold the patches.
  • The 5 and 10 Store. 
  • Joe "The Mighty Atom" Greenstein - The Might Atom was one of the last Old-Time a traveling strongmen who sold health and strength elixirs, like from an old medicine show.  In his earlier years he would demonstrate great feats of strength like pulling a truck tied to his hair, bend bars and break things with his teeth.  In the  summer of 1955 at Zern's Market in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, The Mighty Atom met Lawrence Farman, who later became known as ...
  • Slim "The Hammerman" Farman.  Slim performed many times at Zerns in the past.
  • The guy with the ladies Legs glasses sitting on the bench next to the Barbershop?  Who was that guy who sat there week after week, year after year?

If you have a favorite memory of the Zerns Farmers Market and would like to share it with the world, please submit your memory (or memories) here.

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Additional Information

Address and Contact Information for Zerns Farmers Market:

Zerns Farmers Market
1100 East Philadelphia Avenue,
Gilbertsville, PA 19525
Phone: 610-367-2461

Located 1/2 mile east of the intersection of Route 100 & Route 73

Zerns is open Fridays 2 pm to 10 pm & Saturdays 11 am to 10 pm

Zerns Farmers Market Website
About Zerns
Contact Zerns Here

Joe "The Mighty Atom" Greenstein

Directions to the Zerns Farmers Market


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