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Reviewing Lancaster Pennsylvania's Best

Strassburg Railroad, Pennsylvania
Lancaster Amish Country

Steam Locomotives of the Strasburg Railroad

  • 0-6-0T 1 1917 Porter Brooklyn Eastern Since 1999

  • 0-6-0 31 1908 Baldwin Canadian National Since 1960

  • 2-6-0 89 1910 Canadian Canadian National Since 1972

  • 2-10-0 90 1924 Baldwin Great Western Since 1968

  • 4-8-0 475 1906 Baldwin Norfolk and Western Since 1993

  • 4-6-0 972 1913 Montreal Canadian Pacific Not in op

  • 0-4-0 1187 1903 Baldwin Reading Last Op 1967

Former Steam Locomotives of The Strasburg Railroad

  • 4-4-0 1223 1905 Juniata Pennsylvania Railroad 1965 - 1990

  • 4-4-2 7002 1902 Juniata Pennsylvania Railroad 1983 - 1990

  • 4-4-0 98 1909 ALCO Mississippi Central (never operated)

All 3 former steam locomotives were owned by outside individuals or companies.

Both 1223 and 7002 were leased for operation. 1223 was leased by the P.R.R. from 1965 to 1968, by the Penn Central from 1968 to 1979 and from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania from 1979 to 1990. 7002 was leased from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Today, 1223 and 7002 are static displays in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Number 98 was owned by Thomas Marshall. It sat on the property from 1962 to 1964 as a static display. Originally, it was planned to be operated on the Strasburg Railroad, but Mr. Marshall moved it to Delaware to operate on his Wilmington and Western steam railroad. 98 is in operation today.

No. 89 was purchased from the Steamtown Foundation in 1972. Enroute to Strasburg that June, it was caught in Penn Central's Buttonwood, Pennsylvania, yard when the Susquehanna River flooded over the locomotive's stack, delaying its debut at Strasburg.

The Strasburg Railroad also has a collection of early internal combustion locomotives. All are in operation.

  • 1 1926 Plymouth Owned by the Strasburg since 1926

  • 2 1910 Plymouth Owner by the Strasburg since 1984

  • 10 Railcar Former Lancaster Oxford and Southern

  • 33 44 Ton Former Pennsylvania Railroad

source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Strasburg Rail Road Train Stock
  • Engine 31
  • Engine 89
  • Engine 475
  • Engine 90
Cagney miniature steam train, power a vintage Pump Car. 

Scenes from the spare parts and relics yard.
Gift Shops at Strasburg Railroad.
One of the highlights of the year at the Strasburg Rail Road is the Day out with Thomas The Tank Engine events, scheduled three times throughout the year. Children, young and old can take a ride pulled by a steam powered Thomas the tank engine.
Below, center. Thomas the Tank Engine en-route to another destination through the main intersection of Strasburg PA.

Below, right, one of the many shops in the historic town of Strasburg.


Thomas the Tank Engine on his way to
another station.


Kitchen Kettle Village

Red Caboose Motel

Strasburg Railroad

Railroad Museum of PA

Linvilla Orchards

West Chester Railroad

Bird In Hand Village

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