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Centralia PA


Paragon Adventure Park

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Heading up a trail out of the valley, Matt Tried to climb up and over a rock at the top of the trail.  His rear differential got hung up requiring him to winch up and over the rock.


I then figured I do the exact same thing just for the hell of it.  And of course the same thing happened.  However I don't have a winch.  But a few rock behind then a few more in front of the rear tire lifted the diff up and over the rock.  No problem. 

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On the way out of the park we stopped to assist a couple guys with a blown out front tire on a quad.  

Mike's Jeep as well as My Yellow CJ-7 are equipped with onboard air.  Mike has both a York compressor conversion and the ARB Air Locker Electric compressor.  I have the York Conversion as well.

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It had a cracked rim and a good pinch cut in the tire.  We aired it up the best we could after whacking the hell out of the rim with a hammer to get it to seat the bead.  Then they were on their way, at least for a few more hundred feet of so.  We offered to follow and air them up until they got out but they declined.  Oh well, whatever...

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The last stop before calling it a day was Rubicon Lake and what's called the Play Area.  The Play Area is the bed of an old strip mine.  This is a great place to have fun if you like wide open spaces and the freedom to move around and do what you want.  There are tons of features in the area to navigate and explore.  Everything from washed out trenches to hill climbs to an area to drop it in 2WD and do a few donuts.  There's even a few places to get muddy if that's your thing.  Just stay out of Rubicon Lake.  Its off limits and for good reason.  It'll eat your vehicle.  the water's edge drops off and you can't see the bottom even at a few feet of water near the edge.  Otherwise the rest of the area is open season.  This area is a great place to regroup or wind down before heading back to the staging area.

Paragon Park is fast becoming one of the best, well known Off Road destinations in the Northeast U.S.  They offer everything from the mild to the wild for stockers to the Super modified Rock Machines.  If your considering a trip here, visit their website for more information about what they have to offer as well as the rules of the park. 

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Rubicon Lake

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