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Centralia PA


Paragon Adventure Park

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More from Whompum. 100_2351.jpg (72495 bytes) 100_2352.jpg (73724 bytes)
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After Whompum, we headed over to the boulders of Turtle Rock Garden.

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Mike Led the pack over Turtle Rock Garden in his ARB Locker equipped 78 CJ-5 Jeep making it look easy. 

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This is where the T-18's 6.32:1 1st gear shines like a chrome bumper. 

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Matt then took his 86 CJ-7 over the rocks.
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Following up the rear I crawled my 78 CJ-7 through Turtle Rock Garden.  With the T-18, aired down Super Swamper SSRs and open Differentials (saving up the $$ for a Detroit install and lower axle gears), the Jeep performed quite well.  No issues, no stalls (well, maybe once).