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Centralia PA


Paragon Adventure Park

With 90+ officially named trails in Paragon, you can pretty much map out a day or a weekend and explore not a trail twice.  We explored only a small segment of Paragon but packed several hours of great trail riding into a day.  Everything from rocks to wooded trails to playing an an old strip mine.

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Not our damage :-)

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We crossed paths with a New England Jeep club call Patriot Jeepers.

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Then headed up the mountain.

We stopped stream side for a lunch break. It was a chilly day and it was starting to drizzle a little but we got out the pole chairs and chowed down.

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This area of construction or I guess you'd call it Earth moving was around the area of the natural spring that pops out of the hillside.  Rumor has it that this is preparation for a lodge to be build in this large flat area where the dump truck is laying the dirt.  Who knows - but there is definitely something in the works.  By the way, one of those tires on the large yellow dump truck is as tall as a Jeep.  It was one BIG machine dieseling the dirt around.

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