Shamokin PA.           Bear Valley

What's this?  More Mud!  This mud hole has two alter-personalities.  On the one side, easy, not too deep and not too thick.  The other side, well, let's just say it eats Tacomas for breakfast.  In this sequence of pictures Rich made his way across the easy side and decided to take a dip in the deep end.  This made for a good opportunity to get out a new toy, the More Power Puller and extract his front end.
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  This is the More Power Puller.  It has the capacity to pull 8000 lbs. It comes with the 40 feet of 5/16 cable, a snatch block (doubler pulley) and is cast from a beefy piece of case iron making it weigh in at about 30 pounds.  I purchase this one from for around $150.  Not bad for such a versatile piece of equipment.

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