Shamokin PA. / Bear Valley

Morning MeetingApril 15th.  Tax D-Day.   We paid our dues and now it was time to play.  What a place to play.   Shamokin PA in the heart of Bear Valley.  We knew there were more trails to be found in this expansive trail rich area and we were right.  The word for the day was Mud.  As the day moved on the fun moved with it. At times it was crazy around the mud holes.   Tacomas can't swim but they can tread water and mud for a little while as the tow lines were pulled tight.

We gather at 9am at the local Walmart just outside of Shamokin.   Some of the group from T.T.O.R.A. (Toyota Tacoma Offroad Association) had spent the night up here in coal country.  Carl and I rolled up here early to get a look at the local unofficial attraction Centralia, home of a 40 year old mine fire burning under what used to be a welcoming little town and the home of 1100 people.  As 9am passed the group was up to a managable 15 or so vehicles, mostly Tacomas with the exception of a 92 Toyota Pickup, a lifted Blazer and a sweet 89 Toyota Land Cruiser.  We had a T.T.O.R.A.brief meeting and it was time to hit the trails. 

Visit the trail pictures of  T.T.O.R.A. Here

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One of the Tacomas the turned a few heads was Rich's 98 Tacoma. With a 6 inch Trailmaster and a few other lifting mods riding on top of 33's it was a tall Tacoma.

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