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Centralia PA's back trails and the Burn


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Up the road to Centralia.  Before calling it a day a few of us took an 8 mile drive down Rt. 61 to take a ride though Centralia's back country.


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Centralia's Mine Fire
Not far from the trails is an area that used to be a quaint little town with about 1100 people living in the community.  In recent years the town as pretty much been dismantle due to an on-going underground mine fire that has been burning for almost 40 years, since 1962.  The story of this little town is much too involved to talk about here on this page however if you wish to know more Offroaders has dedicated an area to the town of Centralia, PA.  To the right is one of many examples of cut wires above where a home once stood.  To read more follow this link: Centralia
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