Pocono Mountains
New Trails - New Challenges


On this trip to the Pocono Mountain region we had four vehicles, five really if you include the Toyota 4Runner that stays at the Pocono house all year round.   That would make Two Jeeps; Glenn's Rig (CJ7 with a Chevy 350 FI), Mike's Beast (CJ5 with a 360 FI), and three Toyotas; My 92 Toyota Truck V6 extended cab, Stephen's 96 Toyota Land Cruiser and his 82 Toyota 4Runner.  This time around the women went along for the ride as well as the kids. In our search for new trails we found some interesting terrain and conquered some old obstacles namely,
the hill.

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Looking down into the valley you can see probably 5 or 6 little towns and Wilkes-Barre to the far right.

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It's the JEEPFAN

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Our First run up the mountain took us to some very scenic rest stops.   Here are a few pictures the trek up the mountain and some shots from those mountain lookout points.

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This seemed to be a popular camp site.  Your overlooking 3 lakes and a few small towns.  The rest is forest.

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Say Cheez!
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It's been there and back.


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