Pocono Mountains
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Down Range

As we descended down the mountain range on a new trail to most of us (Stephen's been there once on a Motor-cycle) we came across the occasional downed tree.  This tree wasn't too big.  We were able to move it using a little leverage.  Fortunately for us we saw the ants in the root of our lever before they saw us.
movetree1.jpg (17406 bytes)
movin22.jpg (18113 bytes)
movin23.jpg (20418 bytes)
Around the downed tree.
detour34.jpg (20198 bytes)
Mike took an alternate route around the downed tree.
scratchhh.jpg (22108 bytes)
You could here this grizzly beast coming
long before you saw anything.

overlog2.jpg (16352 bytes)
This was as far as we could move this tree so we had to crawl over it.  I knew I should have brought the chain saw.

tree-move-0898.jpg (16655 bytes)

This is the upper half of the tree Glenn is creeping over.  We were trying to move it somewhat out of the way back on the trail. We're not into trying push the limits, risking breaking things like transfer cases so we move the obstacles we can move.

As always, we look back and think of what pictures we should have taken.  It seems that every time we are on the trail we tend to keep on truckin, passing up some great photo opportunities.  I can think now of several picture I should have taken.  Well maybe next time.

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