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The Hell Hill conquered.


We took another shot at  the hill  again. We don't know if it was the fact that it was a relatively dry summer or the dynamically shifting rock, gravel and clay that makes up the hill but we conquered the hill.  All of us.  The Land Cruiser never really had a problem with it's locking differentials.  Glenn's CJ7, even though he had never ran the hill before, didn't expect to have a problem since he had a locker in the rear.  However I must say I had my doubts. Remembering the effort I had put into ascending this hill earlier in the year and only getting 1/3 of the way up I was surprised to put this hell hill behind me. powerlines.jpg (17286 bytes)
We are looking back down the valley at Wilkes Barre. Behind us is the hell hill as it has become known. 
GPS Coordinates GPS Coordinates
Hell Hill
41   12.13 North
075  53.96 West
hellhill-2-0898.jpg (17228 bytes)
Here's a good shot of the actual angle of the hell hill.

hellhill-3-0898.jpg (19116 bytes)
Angles can be deceiving.
You are looking down the hill at Glenn coming up.

hellhill-4-0898.jpg (13255 bytes)

Descending down the hill.  It only gets steeper as you go beyond the crest of the hill.

top-o-hill.jpg (14300 bytes)
On top of the world!  All made it this time around.
If you are considering a trip to the hell hill you will find much more that just a hill.  You can easily make a day out of exploring these highlands above Wilkes-Barre and the local small towns.  We are just beginning to expand our knowledge of the local offroad terrain.  There are several other natural challenges back beyond the hill not to mention several very scenic trails as well as some dangers so as always, be cautious.  Also the area is full of old remnants of days past with shells of old buildings, tunnels, water channels, railroad trails and sometimes very old industrial equipment.  It's an interesting area to say the least.

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The New Hell Hill
45-degree.jpg (32804 bytes)
It's short, steep(about 45 degrees), slick and unforgiving.
Located back behind the mother Hell Hill.


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