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Offroaders Guide
to Gearing up
for Offroad

From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped.  An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.


How to compare offroad lights

Lockers, Limited Slips, and other Differentials Explained


Strange and Unusual Vehicles & 4x4s
Hundreds of vehicles that make you do a double take.




Paragon Adventure Park

Late Fall of 2006 at Paragon Adventure Park.  In this report Brad and Kim Reinboth wheeled their CJ-7 painted with bright yellow Rhinoliner along with a few other vehicles including other Jeep rigs like a few Cherokees, CJ's and YJs as well an H2.  Warm temperatures made for a great day of Offroad action across the rocks of Paragon in Hazleton PA.  The following few pages were shot by Brad and Kim Sunday trail ride at Paragon.








Paragon - Page 1
Paragon - Page 2
Paragon - Page 3
Paragon - Page 4
Paragon - Page 5
Paragon - Page 6
Paragon - Page 7
More Information About the Park's Closure





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