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Offroad in the heart of the
Anthracite Coal Region
Coal Regions of Pennsylvania

These areas of offroading are NOT official locations where you'll find organized trail runs and guided tours.  There's no sign telling you that you are there.  People just show up and do their own thing.  There are many little towns and location like this.  If you plan to go, you're pretty much on your own. 

If you are looking for an official Offroad ATV and ORV park in the area, see the links below. 




A Birds-Eye View from Above

Stevie Long recently took a Helicopter ride up over the slag piles of this small community and took some great pictures of the offroad locations.  She was happy to share these great photos with us.  Visit her Blog for some other great photos and stories.  http://www.stevielong.com/blog



Other Areas of 4 Wheeling in the PA Coal Regions

Another popular offroad area is a small town called Shamokin in an area called Bear Valley.  Bear Valley has little to do with bears and is more associated with large tracks of old strip mine operations.  Today there are many popular locations where locals run their rigs through some great 4 wheeling territory.  More from Shamokin PA Here


Offroad ATV / ORV Parks in the Region:

Rausch Creek Offroad Park

Paragon Offroad Park

Other locations of
interest in this region:

Centralia Mine Fire
This is Centralia Pennsylvania, where a town was destroyed by a 44 year old mine fire that still burns today.  Read More Here





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