Trail Trekin'
and the search for Doug Wood

What was that?  Sounds like that swamp pit beckoning the Jeeps again.  With the daylight slipping away, a few of us headed for the Outback, down to the Swamp Pit.  It seemed that the goal was to see how many times we could get stuck.  Mike's winch got a workout.


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Let me throw you the winch line.  Time to winch out... again.

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This Toyota got jammed against a log in the swamp, requiring a pull back again and to fill in the hole, then give it another shot.

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Oh, we never did find Doug Wood or his place.  We keep running into people asking about Doug Woods place up on the mountain here somewhere.  We have a feeling that the Doug Wood story is a running joke from the town below, "Hey, Doug Wood is having a great party up on the mountain! Take a case of beer with you!".  Found lots of evidence like, a cooler (" that his cooler?"), a pair of jeans (what the...?), an abandoned quad with a snapped chain ("...Doug's?"), and a 6-wheeler, swamped along the creek, but no Doug Wood or Doug Woods place.  Next time, maybe...?

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